Are You Sure That You Need Help

Should help ever be declined?


 Everyone has received or will receive help in some form during their lifetime. Help can be requested, help can be offered, and help can be provided without foreknowledge. It’s my opinion, that you can never get enough help. Help is not a bad thing, and a willingness to ask for help is a sign of strength and courage. 

 However, CONSIDER ONLY KNOWINGLY ACCEPTING OR ASKING FOR HELP WHEN YOU NEED IT AND AS A LAST RESORT.  Declining help and only asking for it when it is needed builds confidence, resiliency, and character.

[Sing it] Some––times in our lives

We all have pain, we all have sorrow

But if we are wise

We know that there’s always tomorrow


Lean on me; when you’re not strong

And I’ll be your friend, I’ll help you carry on

For it won’t be long

‘Til I’m gonna need somebody to lean on


Please, swallow your pride

If I have things you need to borrow

For no one can fill those of your needs

That you won’t let show


You just call on me, brother, when you need a hand

We all need somebody to lean on… 

–– Bill Withers

 “Lean on Me” a classic song that is still relevant today. Yes, we will all need somebody to lean on. The key is determining when you –– NEED –– help. Do not accept or ask for help just because it’s available, that’s an abuse of the person willing to provide the help. If you are capable of doing it on your own ––– DO IT. 

 I’ve heard the saying, GOD helps those who help themselves, while not found in the Bible, it may well be true.

 My experience has shown me that people help those who help themselves.

 I don’t need your help, you don’t need my help, but know, I may call on you, you can call on me—there is no shame in that. There will always be people you can lean on, but use them as a last resort.

 As we do things on our own, we come to rely on ourselves. We begin to trust in our ability to overcome. We build confidence, resilience, and character.

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