Pareto’s Principle Paradox

The past cannot be changed, the present is hard to gauge, and the future is 80 percent a result of what you do today and 20 percent circumstance and beyond your circle of influence.

Pareto’s Principle of the vital few too often applies. Meaning 20 percent of something is always responsible for 80 percent of the results. While seemingly accurate for business, in day to day life, too many allow the vital few to control their many possibilities in life.

Flip the Pareto script.  Future prospects are not trivial. Take control. Tend to your present and future with seriousness and profound effort.  It’s hard to maintain 100 percent or maximum output 24/7, so yes, entertain the bagatelle but do not allow it to consume you, and worry less about the 20 percent that is beyond your control.




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