Malcolm and Marie

Great movie. The acting was superb. I and I think many will see themselves in those characters. In my case, the gentleman and the central point of the argument I can specifically relate to.

I did not have an argument that rose to the catastrophic levels the movie’s couple reaches, but we had words over my “Thank You” post. My wife at the time went in to let me know how pissed she was that I did not call her out by name.

As I watched the movie, I couldn’t help but be a guy. I fully understood his position and his apology. At the same time, I understood the woman and saw my former wife in her concerning the immediate issue, lack of credit and acknowledgment. I saw her in the way Marie hated Malcolm’s indifference or lack of jealously. And finally, it hit home as Marie (and my wife too) stressed just them being there is a contribution. I won’t ask, but if my former wife watched the movie, I am 99 percent certain that she was yelling at Malcolm while stating that motherfucker is Quintino. Get his ass, Marie. Give his arrogant ass all the smoke.

I found the movie oddly entertaining, funny, and refreshing. I would love to see the actors work together again.

To finish this take on the movie, what also stood out to me was surely this is not just me and my former spouse. Many will relate to this movie. I have been saying for years how crazy it is that two married strangers can meet and discuss marriage, and almost like clockwork, at some point, the two will realize how similar their marriages are, “my wife does that too.” Why is that? Men and women have been in relationships forever…why have we not figured it out. Maybe it is not to be figured out, just experienced. Just like this movie, don’t read too much into it, just experience it.

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