Overweight, Who Cares?

In April of 2013 I wrote:

If you’re like me or worse the thought of dieting has likely crossed your mind. The idea of using #Hydroxycut (which I’ve witnessed work for two distinctly different individuals) has probably penetrated your thoughts. How about Jenny Craig? You’ve probably been one digit away from ordering an exercise video, but the sale-fo-mercial cut to commercial and you found your senses.

So, what are you doing about those extra pounds?

How about nothing.

Do something about your lifestyle. Live a healthy lifestyle, and the weight will take care of itself.

I have found this sustainable with no supplements and no fad diets. A year in I’m 5’7 rounded up, my waist is 34 inches, and I have a 16.5-inch neck. I was 5’7, with a 37-inch waist, and a 15-inch neck. A year from now I’ll be the same height, maybe my waist will slim a bit, perhaps it won’t. I’m not worried about it. I’m concerned about being healthy; the weight will take care of itself.

0FIVE years later it’s 2018, I’m still 5’7, with a 34 waist, and 16.5-inch neck. I still would like to lose a few pounds, but I’m not dwelling on it. My measurements are the same, but my body composition is different.  I’ve shed a few pounds of fat and gained a few pounds of muscle since 2013.  It is what it is. I’m continuing to work at living a healthy lifestyle.  I like what I see.  It will likely take another FIVE years to obtain further muscle definition, shrink that belly, and drop some additional pounds. I probably could achieve results faster if I dropped fast food and alcohol completely, but nah, I’m cool with taking my time.

You didn’t gain 25 pounds in six weeks, why kill yourself to lose 25 pounds in six weeks. Is it possible? Yes. You can lose 25 pounds in six weeks. My question to you. Why?

What’s the rush?

A healthy lifestyle is more sustainable and less expensive than taking a pill, having surgery, or using a popular diet plan. It has worked for me. I define “healthy lifestyle” as: eating a reasonably balanced diet, exercising, and making sleep a priority.

A balanced diet for me has meant enjoying plenty of “healthy food” and “fast food” in moderation.

Exercise for me has meant running, walking, biking, calisthenics, and light weight lifting on a regular basis.  Sometimes I’ll workout 3-5 a week, sometimes once a week, and sometimes not at all. I’ve gone two weeks without exercising. My goal is to get it in as often as possible. I am not an athlete, and if you’re like me we don’t need a rest day, and we also don’t need to stress working out every day. Miss a day, a week, ok — it’s all good, exercise when you can, but do exercise. A gym is a tool, not a proving ground. Don’t get caught up setting goals that are hard to maintain and demotivate when not achieved. No gym, the home or park are just as good.  One day at a time at your pace.

Sleep. Get your rest. Unplug and get some well-deserved rest.

Overweight? Yes, you look good, never let anyone or thing break your confidence.

Who cares? You should, more importantly, consider doing something about it.


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