The Bevel Experience 2018


I’ve been using Bevel since 2014.

I wrote a review of the product back then, The Bevel Experience (entire review):

(Conclusion) I used the +Gillette Fusion before switching to Bevel. I’ll admit, I did not have a problem with razor bumps, pulling, or irritation. If a man shaves correctly, he should be able to avoid bumps and irritation regardless of the razor brand and type, if the razor is sharp.

My reason for switching was the cost. The Fusion cartridge four-pack costs $16.97, and the pro-glide cartridge four-pack costs $19.97 at +Wal Mart! Add shaving gel and after-shave, and you’re paying just over $26 for the regular and $29 for the pro-glide. The shaving gel and after-shave didn’t work well on me, my skin felt dry and irritated after use. I eventually stopped using the two products. I continued to use the Fusion razor, but moved on to +Baxter of California shaving cream and aftershave (which are great products), each costs $18 respectively, which resulted in a $52.97 recurring investment on my face. The cost is and was worth it to avoid razor bumps and irritation. However, with Bevel, I’m now getting a better shave, using quality products, at less cost. It’s a win-win, and #itsagoodlook.

It’s 2018, and I’m still using Bevel and you should too — Get Bevel.


It works!

Bevel advertises the following on their homepage

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 2.16.48 PM

I can’t speak for the validity of their statistics, I’m surprised it’s not 100% across the board, but I VOUCH FOR THIS PRODUCT.

I use it.

If you shave your face or head give Bevel a shot.

There are plenty of great shaving products on the market.  None match Bevel in both quality and cost.  Those that match in quality are significantly costlier, and those that match or are comparable in cost don’t come near the level of quality.

Example. I’ve used both Bevel and Baxter of California shaving products.  Both company’s products are great.  I continue to use Baxter of California soaps, but Bevel wins out for the shave.  Bevel and Baxter of California are equal in quality, but in price, you can forget about it.  It’s not even close.



Bevel direct investment: $19.98 a month, $239.76 annually

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 3.22.58 PM

– Or –

Initial investment: $73 for brush, razor, blades, oil, shave cream, and aftershave (Amazon)

Restock: $51 blades, oil, shave cream, and aftershave (Amazon)/frequency each quarter, $204 annually

Baxter of California:

Initial investment: $202 for brush, razor, blades, oil, shave cream, and aftershave

Restock: $72 blades, oil, shave cream, and aftershave/frequency each quarter, $288 annually

Gillette makes quality products, but they are not in the same league as Bevel and Baxter of California so I won’t compare them here.

Lastly, I would be negligent as an active duty military member if I didn’t mention the military discount, save %15 when ordering direct from Bevel.

Get Bevel

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 3.12.02 PM

With Bevel, you’ll get a great product at the best price, it’s a win-win and still a good look.




Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with Bevel, Baxter of California, or Gillette beyond that of a consumer.  This post contains my opinions and my opinions alone.









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