The False Debate Between Left and Right

A friend crystalized my belief that the debate between the “left” and “right” is not a debate at all. It is the “left” debating against itself ­– in most cases completing analysis and evaluation to reach a reasonable conclusion. The “right” is unwavering and does not consider the “left’s” perspective. The “right” seems engaged, but it is a ploy. Or was this just me (left) and my friend (right).

On topics that are pivotal and contentious to U.S. citizens, I can provide evidence that the “left” has compromised to support reaching an agreement with the “right.” In contrast, the “right” continued to pursue their decided agenda on topics they haven’t won, which requires the left to continue to defend their position and previous compromises.

I was born in 1980, and that is where I will begin. On every issue of significance, from Regan to Trump, the “left” has aimed to govern and establish a society that all U.S. citizens can potentially thrive in and, at minimum, have an opportunity to succeed or fail based on their merits. Republican presidents in office, with a Democrat-led Congress, in all cases, the democrats found ways to work with the president. Democrat presidents in office, with a Republican-led Congress, in all cases republicans found a way to stifle the president. At the state and local level, the same is true. 

Consider fiscal policy and investment. In the areas where Democrats wield complete control, they are often limited by budget constraints, tax policy, and deficits typically mounted by previous Republican officeholders. In areas where Republicans have complete control, they ruin the budget and limit investment until votes elect Democrats. When Democrats assume office, they often find the situation beyond repair. In addition, they remain limited by the procedural impacts of the system and the few Republican legislators using the system to deny the implementation of left-leaning policy measures, prime examples, the Kansas Experiment, and opposition to The New Deal. All of this serves to weaken the Democrats’ position and enable Republicans to continue the false narrative of tax and spend. The Republican failure is masked by the federal government’s unlimited ability to raise the debt limit and borrow infinitely. Most people don’t follow local politics, and national politics grab most headlines, enabling the failed policy to look like a winner.

I began following local and federal politics in 2000 at the age of 20 and was immediately hooked on how the levers of power are moved and manipulated. It has taken me 20 years to realize that the system is not broken, and we are not partisan as a nation. I state today, truly convinced, the “right” is not interested in governing with the “left.” It is only interested in total domination and forcing U.S. citizens to live under laws that they approve of.

The “right” cannot live with a law in which they do not approve of. That is the problem. Constantly revisiting settled issues is what has driven this country to the assessed hyper-partisanship state that we are in. Except, I am saying it is not partisanship. One side is not showing prejudice or bias in favor of a cause; it is outright unwavering. 

The “right’s” steadfastness has led to and will continue to lead to never-ending debates that will prevent collaboration on the few topics we agree on.

There is no end in sight. The Supreme Court is supposed to hold this balance, but as we have seen, the “right” will wait out until they believe the court is favorable to pursue the agenda. 

Roe -v- Wade’s continuous consideration at the Supreme Court is a testament to humans’ failure to maintain reason in the American experiment. The fact that federal and state courts are effectively making Roe -v- Wade, a law in name only in some states that are a part of the union, is a testament to the tenacity of the “right” and the pursuit of their agenda.

The only option is to continue to do battle and effectively communicate the ideal of the “New Deal” and what our society can be. I didn’t live thru President Hoover, but I’ve thoroughly studied and become familiar with the time. Too many citizens can’t fathom that United States, but that is what is at stake if the left loses the intellectual battle. One caveat, it is time to stop treating the right as if they are engaged in the debate. It is time to strictly focus on winning the battle with the people, the voters.

In addition to effectively communicating our ideas, the left must allow the empirical evidence to take shape. Hypotheticals and forecasts, unfortunately, are not enough. If the left loses, it should give the people what they have voted for, e.g., the Kansas experiment, Hooverville, and the 2007-2008 financial crisis. The left must allow the right to fully implement their policy and stop mitigating the damage and impact; it only makes the right’s policies appear effective and decreases support for actual left-leaning policies.

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