COVID Fatigue

I didn’t think I would miss being able to go to a movie, a bar, a club, or even a restaurant until now. Just not having the option has wholly confirmed my understanding of my modern self and what I believe to be true of modern humans and desire. We want what we don’t have. Once in hand, it is on to the next. If we are smart, we find appreciation in what we have while not being content.

COVID-19 fatigue is setting in. I aim to keep my perspective appropriately aligned with the circumstance I find myself in. I am not in the best situation relative to anyone with the ability and resources to take advantage of the pandemic. I am in a great position relative to anyone without a job and in dire need of food and shelter. As we traverse these trying times of pandemic and uncertainty, my goal is to continue to enjoy the life I have and come out on the other side better than when I entered physically, mentally, and financially.

Physically, thru exercise and jogging. I am training for my annual half-marathon. This year I am increasing physical training in addition to logging the miles to build up to a solid 13.1.  I am choosing to eat less and a adhere to a true balanced diet.

Mentally, thru reading, blogging, and completing my first book. Homeschooling my son. Challenging myself and staff at work.

Financially, thru saving and investing. The market is too unpredictable, and I am concerned about the losses to come. The fact that I believe any drop or sell-off in the market will eventually be recovered down the line is my only solace.

On the bright side, I am healthy. I am secure. I am here, alive. I have a social life, we enjoy each others company, and help each other maintain sanity. In the grand scheme of things – life is good, the minor inconveniences caused to me by pandemic disruption are nothing. The question is, how long will the world’s population have to endure this pandemic, and can we learn the lessons from our missteps during this one. Time will tell.

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