Trump Wins 2020

Trump wins reelection in a closely contested election, but he wins. I’m sad about this potential outcome.

I did not vote for Trump in 2016 and won’t vote for him in 2020, but as celebs go, I was a fan. I became a fan while watching “The Apprentice.” I respect the office of the president and the man himself. I am appalled by his performance. To be clear, he has had some bright spots, but overall, I cannot support another term for the gentleman.

Sadly, I believe he will win reelection. U.S. citizens’ response to COVID-19, the protests against racism, and police enforcement tactics and outright killing to me is the sole indicator that he will be reelected. By response, I mean the agitators, instigators, and those who think there is nothing wrong. I firmly believe those that think nothing is wrong will also be going to the polls in droves, while the agitators and instigators will barely vote. Those conducting peaceful and rational, yet aggressive and right side of history protest are caught in the middle. Just like the middle class, they are being squeezed and drowned out.

Ultimately, this is my opinion, not fate. Suppose you feel like me that Trump should not be reelected, vote. Verify your status, polling place, mail ballot options, and cast your ballot. If you support the president, I am not mad at you, we differ in opinion, and you too, vote. But, objectively looking at his overall performance, think about what you are supporting. His handling of the U.S. response to COVID alone is enough for him not to have a second term. I readily admit, no response would have been perfect or close to good. However, his response has been horrible. Think about him at the helm during a full-blown war with an adversary or another pandemic-like situation. Whatever economic benefits he brings to the table do not outweigh this. 

Nevertheless, we have a choice, choose wisely.

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