Suspense Fail


I’m moving to Yokosuka Japan for a tour of duty. Not my ideal choice, but of the options it’s a win. Another bonus, I was stationed in Japan before and enjoyed my time. Surely some things have changed, but in general, I know what to expect and how to get around.

During my first tour, I lived on the Ikego housing complex. I liked it, it was a short commute to work and far enough to get away from the noise on Yokosuka.  The downside, living on Ikego was inconvenient relative to residing on Yokosuka Naval Base. This time around my wife and I decided we would like to live on the Yokosuka Naval Base. Our preferences were tower: floor 4 or above, followed by tower: floor 3 or below, and then townhome on Yokosuka. We would take it If any of those options were presented. If not, we just knew a tower with an apartment on a high floor would be available on Ikego. Whatever the case, living out in town was not something we wanted.

Well, things have changed. The housing placement process is straightforward, whereas it used to be more inviting and time-consuming. The day in which you attend the brief is the day you decide. You make a choice and live with it. Base housing or rent on the local economy. For the base option, you are provided a list of the day, no negotiation, and no waiting for other units to become available. Giving the people that established this system the benefit of the doubt, undoubtedly they aimed to make the process fair, considering that during my first tour there was a six-month-long wait list for housing on Yokosuka because of system manipulation and “hookups.” Now, it seems like a lottery for base housing, I still wonder if there are ways to circumvent the system, but the lottery system is a welcomed change. As I listened to the new guidance during the housing brief, I reconciled myself to living on Ikego again. I assumed the units on Yokosuka would at maximum occupancy. I was wrong. I had to choose between two towers on Ikego and one tower on Yokosuka. I made the selection then messaged my wife. I tried to add suspense to the process:

Screen Shot 2018-07-29 at 10.15.44 AMscreen-shot-2018-07-29-at-10-16-28-am.pngscreen-shot-2018-07-29-at-10-17-51-am-e1532828070919.png

SMH….Fail….I have to do better….


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