No Excuses

Nothing but time, yet, failing to begin on two of my goals.

Failure to make progress on these goals has brought me to ask myself, do I want to accomplish the established goals?

I found or believe that I found my lack of motivation stems from a lack of discipline and fear. I lack the discipline to begin, put in the work required, and ultimately bring it to a conclusion. I admit that I fear what I produce won’t meet the standard to which I want the finished product to achieve.

I set the goals. I am not going to retract the goals.

I’ve found my motivation. The question at hand is, will I find the discipline and overcome the fear.

More importantly, I found or believe that I was making excuses not to put in the time required. Admitting that to myself, was hard. I think of myself as goal-oriented. Writing my goals, developing a plan, and executing has served me well. Yet, for these two goals, I have failed miserably, which led me to think, maybe they aren’t my goals and just something I would like to do — specifically if they were easier to accomplish.

Now, I’ve given myself one more chance. Either I will accomplish the goals or cross them off my list.

The bottom line, the hardest thing to do, is to admit that you are lying to yourself.

Having a goal in my mind, but not acting on it has led to a feeling of failure for me. This feeling was driving me crazy, and I can’t fully comprehend or explain how it may have also been impacting other facets of my life. Do not make excuses or find reasons why not; don’t let your aspirations become a lead weight. Put in the effort or let the goal go. Nothing frees the mind like the clarity of purpose. Nothing builds momentum like action. There is no better time than the present to begin making progress — NO EXCUSES.

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